Product Manuals

Click one of the csrs listed above, to open their profile in your Second Life viewer. If we are online, feel free to IM us, but please, always send a notecard too. If we crash, or we have to return to our first life, we will never know you needed help.

Live Group Chat

Support Instructions
  • 1) View online manuals first
  • 2) Ask in the "Lastat Productions" group (joining instructions below)
  • 3) Contact a Customer Support Representative
Gift Card Instructions
  • 1) Visit the main store located here
  • 2) Right click the gift card in your inventory and choose wear
  • 3) Stand within 10 meters of the products vendor you wish to use the gift card for
  • 4) Touch the vendor and and choose "Buy", then "Gift Card" from the dialog menus. Now on the lower right corner of the gift card you will see a grey "Buy Now" button. Click that and the product will be delivered momentarily
Registration Instructions
  • 1) Visit the main store located here
  • 2) Find the terminal labeled "Info Terminal" and click on it
  • 3) If you haven't purchased a product from us, the terminal will ask you to agree to our tos located here
  • 4) You will have an option to Set or Change your password. Upon which, you will be given a temporary password
  • 5) Visit our login page located here, and login using your Second Life username and the temporary password
  • 6) Once logged in, you will be automatically redirected to a page where you can change the temporary password to a more memorable one
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