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Teleport HUD
Current version: 2.0

The Lastat Productions Teleport HUD gives the user 4 pages with 5 landmarks on each page, allowing you to teleport up to 20 of your favorite spots at the click of a mouse. Sold copyable so you can wear more than one if you have more than 20. The buttons are automatically named after your landmarks, so you decide what the buttons text will be. Buttons not in use show as "< EMPTY >" so there's no guesswork while loading your LM's. Stop searching your inventory every time you want to go to your favorite spots or using complicated teleport HUDs. Maybe you're a business owner or hard SL worker that has various jobs or locations throughout SecondLife, this can help!!

  • 1) Right click the HUD and select "Edit" to open the build window
  • 2) Click the "Edit Linked Parts" box above the "General" tab
  • 3) Now click on a button you wish to edit or add a landmark to
  • 4) Click on the "Content" tab to display the buttons contents
  • 5) Open your inventory and drag the landmark from your inventory to the build window
  • 6) If the name is too big, right click the landmark and rename it to something shorter
  • 1) The left and right arrows let you go through the pages of your landmarks
  • 2) There are page numbers next to the arrows displaying what page you're on
  • 3) To get the Options menu, click on one of the page numbers. It will present the following options
  • "Colors" = Change the color of the buttons on the HUD
  • "Help" = Offers a link to the online manuals and support information
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