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Multi-Online Status Display
Current version: 1.4

Do you need to show many avatars' online statuses but fit within a prim limit? The Multi-Online Status Display will allow you to show up to 255 avatars' online statuses and profile pictures, all in 7 prims. It is set up like a vendor with "Next" and "Back" arrows to navigate through the avatars. There is an "Envelope" button that will allow anyone to send a message to the shown avatar. The Owner menu allows the owner to send a massive IM to every avatar, or send messages to specific avatars through the "Primary Message" button.

  • 1) Rez the display, right click it and select "Edit"
  • 2) Under the "Content" tab in the build window, open the notecard "Avatar List"
  • 3) Here there are a few examples of how to add avatars to the list by their "NAME&KEY"
  • Ex: Lastat Daxter&fa4531f5-ab70-4e53-a62e-7186e49116de
  • 1) Click on the "Menu" button on the display to prompt the Owner Menu with the following options
  • "Text" = Turn hovertext On or Off
  • "Help" = Link to website for online manual and product support information
  • "Get UUID" = Get the key of the displayed avatar
  • "IM All" = Send an IM to all the avatars on the list
  • "Reload" = Reload the notecard after adding/removing avatars
  • 2) To send an IM to an individual avatar, click the "Envelope" button when on their status display
  • 3) Copy the randomly generated channel and avatar's name and paste it into your Local Chat window
  • 4) Type your message after the pasted information and hit the "Enter" key
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