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Hidden Phantom Door
Current version: 1.0

The Hidden Phantom Door is great for doors only certain people can access. It only works on "Collision", when an avatar on the list runs into the prim containing this script. The hand icon DOESN'T come up and your door remains hidden. When an allowed avatar runs into the prim, they will be greeted as the prim turns phantom. The greeting is sent in an IM instead of Local Chat to keep the door a "secret". Within 4 seconds, the door remains normal. These versions MUST be UNLINKED from your build or the entire build will become phantom for the set time

  • 1) Rez the Hidden Door, right click it and select "Edit"
  • 2) Under the "Content" tab in the build window, open the "Access List" notecard
  • 3) List all avatars you want to have access to the door. Be sure to list the names on separate lines
  • 4) You can put the scripts into any prim by dragging them from the "Content" tab to the prim of your choice
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