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Item Vendor
Current version: 1.2

Have you been looking for a small one script vendor to get rid of non-copyable items with ease? One that will show how many items are remaining for sale. The Item Vendor from Lastat Productions allows you to sell those non-copyable items while saving space, prims, and the headache of rezzing them all out!

  • 1) Rez the Item Vendor
  • 2) Right click the vendor and choose "Edit" to bring up your build window
  • 3) Navigate to the "Content" tab, and drag your items from your inventory, to the build window
  • 4) Close your build window, then drag your desired texture from your inventory and drop it on the vendor (do not drop it in the contents!)
  • 5) You may right click and choose "Touch" to bring up your owner menu
  • "HoverText" = Brings up the hovertext options menu
  • "Reset" = Reset the vendors scripts
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