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Radar Relay
Current version: 1.1

Would you like to know when somone is at a particular location? Want to monitor when a customer comes to your store or shop?? Then the Radar Relay is exactly what you NEED! This handy little gadget will IM you when an avatar is in range with a slurl for a direct teleport, then also lets you know when they leave the location, that way you dont waste a trip if you were tied up when they were there. Get yours NOW!

  • 1) Rez the Radar Relay
  • 2) To rename the relay in it's original box, right click it and select "Edit". Under the "General" tab in the build window, type the desired name into the Name field. When using multiple relays, it is recommended to name each relay to avoid confusion
  • 3) To put the script into a different prim, right click it and select "Edit". Under the "Content" tab in the build window, drag the script from the window into your inventory. Then from your inventory into build window of the prim of your choice
  • 4) To set the range, right click and choose "Edit", then under the "General" tab, type the range into the description field. (Max distance is 96)
  • 1) Touch the Radar Relay to turn it on
  • 2) Touch the Radar Relay again to turn it off (if you change the range, you MUST turn it off, then back on)
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