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The Mailbox
Current version: 1.5

Would you like for residents of SL to be able to leave you items without looking up your profile? Or maybe you've blocked your name from being shown in search, but still want residents to give you things. The Mailbox from Lastat Productions does just that.

  • 1) Rez the Mailbox, right click it and select "Edit"
  • 2) Under the "General" tab in the build window, you can rename it by typing the desired title into the Name field
  • To add items to a mailbox, hold the "Ctrl" key and drag the items (no scripts) to the mailbox
  • 4) When someone leaves something in your mailbox, you receive an IM stating the location of the mailbox, the name of the item, and how many items are in your box
  • 5) To receive items in the mailbox, teleport to the location of the mailbox and click on it. Please note that the resident that put the items in the mailbox may have dropped it into any of the mailbox prims so please click in multiple areas of the box if you cannot find it
  • 6) The Mailbox is copyable so you can have multiple boxes in different locations
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