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Daily Event Board
Current version: 1.6

Are you looking for an efficient way to schedule your venues daily events? Want your patrons to be able to see the entertainment you provide? The Daily Event Board from Lastat Productions allows you to do just that! Schedule as many events as you want and the board will organize them for you putting them in order and removing them as they end. Easily add new events via dialog menu and if you need to remove one, just simply click on it and confirm! Have multiple events? No problem! Your patrons and you can page through events in sets of 4!

Adding Managers (optional)
  1. With the Daily Event Board rezzed, right click on it and choose edit to bring up the build window
  2. Navigate to the Content tab and open up the * Managers * notecard
  3. Add the name of each manager on a new line
Notecard: * Managers *
  • randarose223
  • Lastat Daxter
  • lastat.fang
Adding an Event
  1. Click the day you wish to manage at the bottom of the board
  2. Click "Add" on the Daily Event Board
  3. Follow the prompts in the dialog menus to add the events date, start time, end time, title, and description
* Notes *
  • This board will only allow you to schedule events with a total duration within ONE day
  • You may schedule any event between 12:00 am and 11:59 pm for any given day
  • You may schedule as many future events on a particular day as you want
  • This board only operates in Second Life time (PST)
Remove an Event
  1. Use the up and down arrows to navigate to the desired event
  2. Click on the event and choose "Yes" from the menu
Owner Menu
  1. Clicking on "Manage" will display the following dialg menu:
    • "Help" = Link the website where you can find manuals and support information
    • "Update" = Check for an update
    • "Reset" = Reset the board (this will clear all events)
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