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Rental System
Current version: 1.0

Need a easy to use Rental System to rent out mall space or land? The *LP* Rental System gives you a low lag, yet powerful rental system in a box!! Just rez the Rental System and set up a few simple, easy to understand, settings in the "Settings" notecard and your space is ready to rent. No hassel of learning to use a website or terrible lengthy setup process!!

  • 1) Rez and right click your *LP* Rental Box to bring up the edit / build window
  • 2) Under the General tab you can rename the Rental System if you like
  • 3) Under the Contents tab you will find the default textures, the info card, and the Settings notecard
  • 4) Open the Settings Notecard and set up your settings
  • Spot Name = The name of this particular location
  • The weekly rate to rent this space = The cost in L to rent this particular location
  • Prim Count = The amount of prims the renter of this location is allowed but not limited to
  • Rental Size, in square meters = Size of this particular location
  • Refund Fee = Price to charge renter if they decide to terminate thier lease (0 removes option)
  • Rental Offset = Where you'd like the box to move after it is leased by a renter
  • Info Notecard Name = Name of notecard to give interested renters (must be in contents)
  • 5) Open the "Rental Info" notecard and add a description or rules for this particular location
  • 6) IF, you want to change defualt textures - Replace the default ones, renaming yours the exact same
  • 1) Owner Menu
  • "Reset" = Reset and reload "Settings" notecard
  • "Refund Time" = Refund renters $L minus your Refund Fee removes them from the location
  • "Info" = Says current renters info in local chat and gives you a copy of the current notecard
  • "Release" = Kicks renter out of the location without a refund at all
  • 2) User Menu
  • "Refund Time" = Refunds renters $L minus the Refund Fee and removes them from the location
  • "Info" = Tells them thier renter info in local chat (price per prim and expiration time)
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