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HomePoint Mod
Current version: 2.1

LP HomePoint Mod for Precious Dragons has a built-in flight and egg scanner that IM's you the pen's label and SL Url location when dragons fly or lay eggs. The flight-time is displayed over the HomePoint, showing you the last time they were in flight.There are 2 different sizes and designs: Egg-4 Prim and a Crystal-1Prim. Both feature the ability to label your HomePoint, set the range your dragons can "wander", and allow over 3,000 different color, texture (Crystal HP), shine, and glow combinations to fit your personal needs.

  • 1) After rezzing your HomePoint, click on it. A Main Menu will appear with the following options
  • "Trans" = Set the Transparency
  • "Done" = Closes the dialog menu
  • "Colors" = Set the Color (Crystal-1 Prim HP) or Set the Primary, Secondary, and Eye/Flame Colors (Egg-4 Prim HP)
  • "Glow" = Set the level of Glow
  • "Shine" = Set the level of Shine
  • "Label" = Label your HomePoint
  • "Scanner" = Prompts your Scanner Menu
  • "Range" = Set the number of meters your dragons can "wander"
  • "Textures" = (Crystal-1Prim HP ONLY) = Set the Texture
  • 2) By touching the HP you will lock your dragons to it. You may have an unlimited number of dragons locked to it, but do to SL scripting limitations, you will only receive notifications of the closest 15 dragons.
  • 3) Label the HP by clicking on it and selecting "Label" from the Main Menu. In Local Chat, type the desired title and hit "Enter". Local Chat will display the new name of your HP
  • 4) Transparency, Glow, Shine, and Texture (Crystal) all list levels or options to choose from when clicked on. Select one of these levels or options to set each one
  • 5) To set the color in the Crystal-1 Prim HP, click on it and choose "Colors" from the Main Menu. Another menu will appear with a list of Color Categories. Choose a category to see a list of the colors in that category and choose a color. In the Egg-4 Prim HP, click on it and choose "Colors" from the Main Menu. Instead of one, you have 3 color choices: Primary, Secondary, and Eye/Flame. Click on one, choose a Color Category, then choose a color from that list. Do this for the remaining 2 colors
  • 6) To see the Scanner settings, click on "Scanners" in the Main Menu. The following menu will appear
  • "Main" = Return to the Main Menu
  • "Scan" = Scans for Dragons
  • "Fly On/Off" = Turns Flight Scanner ON or OFF (If scanner is OFF, you will NOT receive Flight IM's)
  • "Egg On/Off" = Turns Egg Scanner ON or OFF (If scanner is OFF, you will NOT receive Egg IM's)
  • "Reset" = Resets Scanners to default settings
  • 7) The Range is set by clicking on the HP and selecting "Range" from the Main Menu. This will then present a list of distances, in meters, that your HP will allow your dragons to "wander"
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