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Market Item Rezzer
Current version: 1.0

Are you tired of having to check your market stalls constantly to rez your items? Sick of hassling with alignment? Then the Market Item Rezzer from Lastat Productions is what you've been looking for! This handy little gadget will automatically rez the items from its contents, keeping your market stall full, organized, and neat!

  • 1) Rez the Market Item Rezzer in the middle of your area close to the hieght you want it to rez items at
  • 2) Rez an item (temporarily) at each location where you want the Market Item Rezzer to rez a new item at
  • 3) Once you have them rezzed where you want the Market Item rezzer to rez new items, click on it for the following menu:
  • "Scan" = Scans for items within range of the Distance Setting
  • "Text On/Text Off" = Toggles the hovertext on or off
  • "Hide/Show" = Toggles the Market Item Rezzer visible or transparent
  • "Distance" = Change the scan range in meters [EX: 3.5, 8.25, etc.]
  • "On/Off" = Turn the Market Item Rezzer on or off
  • "Update" = Check for updates
  • "Reset" = Reset scripts
  • 4) After you've configured the Distance setting, choose Scan from the menu
  • 5) After the Market Item Rezzer is finished scanning, take all of the items you rezzed back into your inventory
  • 6) Right click the Market Item Rezzer and choose edit to bring up the build window. Navigate to the Content tab and drag all of sales items from your inventory, to the build window
  • 7) Click the Market Item Rezzer for your owner menu and choose "On" from the menu and it will begin rezzing your items. When someone takes an item, another will be rezzed in its place

* NOTE *
  • ALL items MUST be set for sale BEFORE you put them in the Market Item Rezzer
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