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Raffle Board
Current version: 1.8

Want a good way to raise money for a charity or organization? How about a way that's fun for everyone and easy to do? The Raffle Board from Lastat Productions gives you an easy, no lag way to do just that. The Raffle Board comes with loads of customizable options such as: giving away one free gift upon entering, giving a notecard and/or customizable message to avatars when they click the Raffle Board. With the customizable pay and free mode, you have the ability to set a raffle limit per avatar so you can shoot for a specific goal of $$ earnings, or just allow avatars to join as many times as they want. Avatars have four pay options based on your price per entry so they can enter up to 4 times at once. If you have set a raffle per avatar limit and they go over that limit, the script will automatically message the avatar and refund them their money. You can even set a free raffle giveaway so they receive a free entry when purchasing a set amount of entries.

The Raffle Board from Lastat Productions also gives you the ability to give a winning item or even a cash prize... or BOTH! If you decide to add or remove the winning prize, or change the cash prize amount during an ongoing contest, NO problem!! Just change them how you like, re-load the new updated settings, and the time keeps on ticking!! All you need to do to set the desired end date and end time (SLT) in the config notecard, and the script does the math to display the countdown in days, hours, minutes, and seconds on the front display. If you decide you would like to extend the completion time, you can do so at ANY time!! You can even force the board if you decide you don't want to wait until the previously declared end time.

What if you have multiple "HOT" spots on one sim where the traffic is really high you wonder? Well, then rez the Extra Raffle Board (included in the boards contents absolutely FREE) at these locations and/or anywhere else in the sim and ANYONE can join the same ongoing raffle from ANYWHERE in the SIM!! You can even add your very own advertisement texture to the front display, and choose from up to 9 different background colors so it matches ANY location!! The Raffle Board from Lastat Productions gives you an endless amount of options!!

(Adding Managers)

  • 1) Right click the Raffle Board and choose "Edit" to bring up the build window
  • 2) Navigate to the "Content" tab and open the "* Manager List *" notecard
  • 3) Add each name on a separate line (This is NOT case sensative, nor must you include "Resident" as a last name)
  • 1) Rez the Raffle Board and grant it Debit Permissions
  • 2) Right click the Raffle Board and choose "Edit" to open the build window
  • 3) Under the "General" tab you may rename the Raffle Board if you choose
  • 3) Navigate to the "General" tab and open the * Config * notecard to set the following options
  • PRICE = Price per raffle/entry (use 0 for free entry)
  • FREE RAFFLE = Amount of raffles an avatar must purchase to receive a free entry (use 0 for off)
  • LIMIT = Number of entries each avatar is limited to (use 0 for unlimited)
  • END TIME = Digital SLT in which the raffle ends (MUST be in HH:MM format) [EX: 16:00, 04:00, etc.]
  • END DATE = Date in which the raffle ends (MUST be in YYYY-MM-DD format!) [EX: 2011-06-21]
  • INFO MESSAGE = Message to send avatars upon touch/entry (leave blank to not give IM)
  • NOTECARD NAME = Name of notecard to give avatars upon touch/entry (leave blank to not give notecard)
  • GIFT NAME = Name of free gift to give avatars upon entry (leave blank to not give gift)
  • PRIZE NAME = Name of item to give winner as a prize (Multiple items must be boxed)
  • PRIZE AMOUNT = If you wish to give a cash prize, type that here. Do NOT include the $ sign. [EX: 5000]
  • TEXT COLOR = Color of display text in format [EX: <1,0,0> = Red]
  • ACCESS = Public/Group - Who can purchase raffle tickets to the board
  • BLOCK MANAGERS = Yes/No - Do you want to block managers from entering the raffle
  • EMAIL(S) = Email addresses to send end stats to. Separate each using comma
  • 4) Now drag the items you listed in the * Config * notecard, from your inventory, into the build window under "Contents"
  • 5) To add your custom texture, simply drag it into the build window too
  • 5) To add managers, open the * Manager List * notecard, and add each managers name on a new line. Names are not case sensitive; "Resident" is not required; supports names copied from profiles like "lastat.daxter"
  • 1) Rez the Extra Raffle Board before turning the raffle on. Touching it actually presents you will the menu from the main Raffle Board, making the system controllable from any board on the sim. (If you need to add an Extra Raffle Board after you've started the main Raffle Board, turn the system off, then back on)
  • 1) Touch the Raffle Board, or one of the Extra Raffle Boards, for the following menu
  • "On/Off" = Start or stop the raffle (Stopping the raffle does NOT clear the old contestants. This only stops new entries until you choose On again. If you wish to clear the old contestants, you must Reset or Force the raffle)
  • "Texture" (owner only) = Choose from 9 different colors of background
  • "Update" (owner only) = Check for a newer version
  • "Reset" (owner only) = Reset Raffle Board
  • "Load Settings" = Loads the * Config * and * Manager List * notecards. (You MUST do this every time you change anything in either of them)
  • "Force" = Force the current raffle and choose a winner instead of waiting for the end date/end time (this button will only show if you have one or more entries)
  • "Join" = If the Raffle Price setting is set to 0 (free mode), this button will appear so you can join if the board if needed (if BLOCK MANAGERS = Yes, then this button will only show for owners)

    ** NOTES **
  • * The Raffle Board has been tested with up to 200 entries but probably will not support much more than that due to SL limitations with script memory. Set price and limit accordingly
  • * The Raffle Board must be granted debit permissions so it can give refunds if you have set the raffle limit
  • * Lastat Productions HIGHLY recommends you DO NOT use the "Reset" option if a raffle is ongoing
  • * Do NOT un-link the Raffle Board, that will break it if you don't link it back together in a certain order
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