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Advanced Prim Counter
Current version: 1.2

Are your tenants always going over their prim limit? Tired of worrying about sending them notifications? The Advanced Prim Counter from Lastat Productions makes it easier to keep up on your tenants' prim use. Select an avatar to keep tabs on and choose to send them IMs when/if they go over their prim limit. YOU choose how often it updates the prim count! Other avatars can also touch the counter and see their prim count via message in Local Chat.

Editing Default Configuration
  1. With the Advanced Prim Counter rezzed, right click on it and choose edit to bring up the build window
  2. Navigate to the Content tab and open up the * Config * notecard to set the following settings:
Notecard: * Config *
  • # AvatarName = Name of the avatar whose prims you choose to count. May leave blank and allow random avatars to touch and get their prim count

  • AvatarName = Avatar name

  • # AvatarKey = Key of named avatar

  • AvatarKey = Avatar UUID

  • # PrimsAllowed = Maximum amount of prims named avatar is allowed

  • PrimsAllowed = 0

  • # Hovertext = Turn Hovertext On or Off

  • Hovertext = On/Off

  • # ScanTimer = How often (in seconds) the prim count is updated. This is also how often the notification IMs will be sent out if you choose to turn IMs on

  • ScanTimer = 30

  • # IM = Turn on or off. Sends named avatar IMs if they are over prim limit

  • IM = on/off

Updating Prim Count
  1. Simply click the Advanced Prim Counter to get an updated count of your current prims
* Notes *
  • Please read the lsl limitations of llGetParcelPrimOwners regarding parcel ownership and/or group permissions required for this product to work.
  • This item is sold as is without warranty. This item may not be resold or transferred under any circumstances.
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