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Color/Texture Change System
Current version: 1.6

Have you been looking for a simple texture and color change system to include in your builds? One that you can set up groups of prims or set one at a time? How would you like to be able to set any color imaginable and/or use as many categories of textures as you need? Look no further, this is the system you've been looking for!

With the Color/Texture Change System from Lastat Productions you can set up groups of prims, set their default color/texture, and much more. For each prim group you can also set if the user can change the texture, color, or both. All of this customization and in a fully modifiable HUD!!

  1. Rez the "Color/Texture Changer" on the ground then right click it and copy the contents to your inventory
  2. Right click and wear the "Color/Texture Change HUD" in your inventory
Your Build
  1. Go through your build and name each prim accordingly. The names are going to be the matches of how we set each group of them, or individually. The "Color/Texture Changer" is an examples of the naming convention used to associate the prims/groups with the buttons from the HUD
  2. Drag the "Color/Texture Change Core vX.X" and "Color/Texture Setter v1.1 ::" to your build. You may drag as many "Color/Texture Setter v1.1 ::" scripts to the build as you need. The more you add, the faster the prims will change (lsl limiations sleep the "Color/Texture Setter v1.1 ::" scripts 1 second for every prim it needs to set. More prims, add more "Color/Texture Setter v1.1 ::" scripts)
  3. In the description field of each prim, you may set its default color and texture. Do so by putting the color vector, then a comma, then the texture UUID [EX: <1,1,1>,451ac252-e968-bfe3-8620-99e0438fff5a]
HUD Prims
  1. Right click and edit the HUD to bring up your build window then navigate to the Content tab
  2. Drag a copy of the "Texture Category" script to your inventory, then open the "*Config*" from inside the HUD
  3. Add the sets of group/prim names followed by a comma, then the word "Color", "Texture", or "Both" to specifiy what the user can set for this particular group/prim. Each one MUST be on a separate line AND the group/prim name MUST be less than 24 characaters long. This is case sensative therefore it MUST match the group/prim names you set in your build perfectly
HUD Textures
  1. Open up the "Texture Category" script
  2. After "list textures = [" you will see a list of button name / texture UUID pairs. You can add as many as you like, following the example inside the script
  3. After you've finished adding your texture UUIDs, rename the script as you like. You MUST put the category button name between a "[" and "]". The word between those symbols will be the name of the button in the Texture Category menu. This must also be less than 24 characters long
* Notes *
  • Thats it, your done!! You may unlink the hud if you wish and link the buttons to your own hud or build if you like.
Changing Colors / Textures
  1. Click the top left box icon for a menu to choose a prim, or group of prims, to change
  2. Click the bottom left texture icon to choose a texture for the selected prim or prim group (if one is allowed)
  3. Click and hold, then drag your mouse across the color swatch until you've choose a color and hue
  4. Finally, click the large color area to the far right, above the word "preview", to set the selected prim or prim group
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