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Impersonator HUD
Current version: 5.2

Want to have fun with your friends or role play? This simple little Impersonator HUD will do just that. Type on one channel to set and save up to 11 different names. Use another channel to speak as them. All dialog driven to reduce HUD into one simple prim.

  • 1) In Local Chat on Channel 4, type the names you wish to use. The HUD can hold up to 11 names
  • /4 "Type Name"
  • 1) To use one of the names, click the HUD and choose a name from the menu
  • /4 "Type Message Here"
  • 3) To remove names from the HUD, click it and select "[Remove]" from the dialog menu
  • 4) Another menu will appear with the option to remove all names or delete them individually. After removing a name individually, it will return you to the Main Menu
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