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Lucky Meeroo Nest Giver
Current version: 1.0

Ever have too many nests and only a few good ones but want to sell them all? Want that object to have its own name and display in Hovertext? The Lucky Meeroo Nest Giver has all of these qualities in a one prim, easy to use product. By putting your nests into the Lucky Meeroo Nest Giver, it gives you a chance to sell them all, without taking up your time! Set it up anywhere, set a price, and the work is done! This way, the Users must press their luck and pay the price for a chance to possibly win a "good" nest. Hovertext will display how many nests are remaining, and the price for each try. Don't like Hovertext? You can turn it off.

  • 1) Rez the Lucky Meeroo Nest Giver, right click it, and select "Edit"
  • 2) Under the "General" tab in the build window, rename your nest giver by typing the title of your choice into the "Name" field. While in this tab, also change the price of each try by typing a number into the "Description" field
  • 3) To addnests , select them from your inventory and drag them into the build window under the "Content" tab
  • 1) Now, right click the Lucky Meeroo Nest Giver and select "Touch". This will prompt the Owner Menu displaying the following options
  • "Offline" = Take it Offline ("Touch" again and select "YES" to bring Online)
  • "Hovertext" = Turn Hovertext ON or OFF
  • "Reset" = Reset to default settings
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