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Lastat Production Shoutcast Streams are your reliable and inexpensive solution for streaming sound to your audience in Second Life. We provide our very own in-house programming, therefore your streams are activated instantly without delay! Our server is running an Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2680 v2 (that's 10 cores of streaming power) and is located in Dallas, TX with 99.9% uptime, guaranteed! We provide unlimited, non-throttled bandwidth, streaming at 192kbs so your listeners hear nothing less than perfection.

Please note - We are running ShoutCast v2 software. Therefore, you MUST be using v2 compatible streaming software for the song info to be displayed on shoutcast boards in SL. This does not affect the stream quality, nor does it hinder SL's ability to play the stream.


(pay monthly to save an additional 10%)

From now through the end of May, all streams are 30% OFF! To purchase your stream, visit the Lastat Productions main store in Second Life located here.

Making $$$ as a Lastat Productions Shoutcast Stream re-seller is simple! The more customers you bring us, the more money YOU make! For every 5 active customers, you will accumulate an additional 10% commission! That's right, just introduce 15 people to our high quality streaming service to receive 40% commission every time one of them renews their stream, OR purchase a new one, even if they're at the Lastat Productions main store!


(+10% for every 5 active customers)
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