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Universal Schedule Board
Current version: 2.8

Do you want a good way to schedule your staff members? How about a schedule board that can handle ANY job position imaginable? How about a good way for you to keep track of which shifts are still empty? Then the Lastat Productions Schedule Board is your solution!! You or a manager can schedule your staff members yourself or let them schedule themselves. As the owner, you can change the 5 job titles that display along the sides to ANYTHING you want! Thats right, you can choose from the many pre-loaded job titles, add your own, or IM me in world and I will custom make what you need. Its also easy to see which shift it currently is, because the current shift is brighter so it sticks out. The Schedule board will also send reminder IMs to your staff members 10 minutes before their set!! So what are you waiting for? Get yours today!!

  • This video is a little outdated! The main concepts and usage are still explained. There have been many more features added since this video was created so please glance through the manual too, as it is kept up to date. New video coming soon!

(Adding Managers)

  • 1) Right click the Universal Schedule Board and choose "Edit" to bring up the build window
  • 2) Navigate to the "Content" tab and open the "* Manager List *" notecard
  • 3) Add each name on a separate line (This is NOT case sensative, nor must you include "Resident" as a last name)

(Adding Employee Titles) optional

  • 1) Right click the Universal Schedule Board and choose "Edit" to bring up the build window
  • 2) Drag any employee title textures from your inventory, into the "Content" tab of the build window

** NOTES **
  • * NEVER change ANY description fields or you WILL "break" the board
  • * If an avatar's name isn't found when attempting to schedule them, they'll have to teleport to the board, in world, and schedule themselves for the first time! After doing so, they will be able to be added to any Lastat Productions item, grid - wide!

(Application Programming Interface)

  • 1) Get your free usb-api-example.lsl and start making awesome plug-ins today! Need more commands? IM Lastat Daxter and we'll see what we can do!
  • 1) Touch the Universal Schedule board anywhere outside of the icons for your "Owner Menu" (managers do not get this menu)
  • "Remind Time" = Set the amount of minutes to send shift reminder messages
  • "Access" = Toggle public / group access. This is for WHO can schedule themselves
  • "Message" = Enter how many minutes prior to a shift you would like to send reminder messages. Enter 0 to turn off reminder messages
  • "Load" = Re-Load "Manager List" notecard if one exists, otherwise attempt to retreive them from the server
  • "Texture" = Choose from 9 different colors of background
  • "Reset" = Resets the Universal Schedule Board
  • "Update" = Check for update
  • "Help" = Offers a link to the online manuals and support information
  • 2) Touch one of the employe titles on the left or right side of the board for the menu to change the employee title for the one you touched
  • 3) Touch one of the Icons for the "Manager Menu" (managers and you get this same menu)
  • "Yourself" = Schedule yourself for this shift
  • "Other" = Schedule someone else by typing their name in the textbox. (You MUST user a viewer that supports llTextBox! 3rd party viewers supported by LL do)
  • "Cancel" = Cancel - don't schedule anyone here
  • 4) Touch a shift where someone is scheduled (managers and you get this same menu)
  • "Profile" = Puts a link in your local chat to bring up the current staff member's profile (this is the default behaviour for non-managers)
  • "Yes" = Removes the current staff member from this shift
  • "No" = Does NOT remove the current staff member from this shift
  • "Cancel" = Do nothing
  • 5) If someone else touches the board, and have group or public access to it, they will be asked if they want to schedule themself for this shift
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