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Chat Relay
Current version: 1.4

Would you like to hear what's being said in Local Chat, even when your avatar is more than 20 meters away? With the Chat Relay, YOU CAN! No scripting or configuration required! This script can be put into any prim. Since the script is copyable, you can set up relays in many different locations. Never miss a conversation again!!

Setup / Usage
  1. Rez the Chat Relay. You should see a message from the relay stating that it is "On" and that all messages received from it will be displayed in blue text
  2. To rename the relay in it's original box, right click it and select "Edit". Under the "General" tab in the build window, type the desired name into the Name field. When using multiple relays, it is recommended to name each relay to avoid confusion
  3. To put the script into a different prim, right click it and select "Edit". Under the "Content" tab in the build window, drag the script from the window into the prim of your choice
  4. To turn the relay off, click on it. A message should appear in Local Chat stating that it is "Off"
* Notes *
  • When relays say something that EVERYONE can hear, it's name will show up GREEN. When logging in, all of the messages from the relay will be displayed. If you have set preferences to send your IM's to an email account when offline, those will be sent also. This product is meant to be set on YOUR LAND ONLY. I am NOT responsible for any of YOUR actions. Thank you.
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