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Advanced Door
Current version: 1.2

Need a door that requires NO notecard configuration or lengthy set-up procedure? The Advanced Door from Lastat Productions provides many features and customizable options, without the lag caused by dataservers.

  1. Rez the Advanced Door and make sure it DOES NOT touch another prim. This MAY cause it to move after closing
  2. Right click the door and select "Edit"
  3. Under the "General" tab in the build window, there is a number in the Description field. This number corresponds to the Chat Channel you will use to change the door settings. Change the number to whatever number you would like
Chat Commands
  1. The following are chat commands you can type to your door on the Chat Channel you specified during setup
    • "door add [NAME]" = Adds [NAME] to the access list
    • "door clear" = Removes all names from the access list
    • "door lock" = Locks the door
    • "door list" = List of users on the access list
    • "door menu" = Owner Dialog Menu
      • "IM" = Turns Instant Messaging On or Off
      • "Public" = Allow public access or not
      • "Lock" = Locks the door
      • "Add" = Select one of the closest 16 avatars within 96 meters from a dialog and adds them to the access list
      • "Remove" = Select one of the FIRST 12 avatars from the access list and remove them
      • "Clear" = Removes all names from the access list
* Notes *
  • You can configure multiple doors at once by standing within their chat range and using the Chat Commands
  • The door only understands real SL names. Display names are un-recognized.
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