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Ad Board
Current version: 1.4

The Ad Board allows you to make $L by renting out advertising space. Avatars can rent the Ad Board and display their company or service logo(s), as well as give out notecards, landmarks, and objects to the interested avatars. If adding multiple textures, the Ad Board will cycle through the added textures every minute. The renter may add more items at any time (up to 12 total) or remove items using a menu. At any time, a renter may decide to terminate thier lease without refund. As the owner of the Ad Board, you may also terminate thier lease at any time without refund. If an avatars lease expires, the Ad Board will automatically remove thier items and set itself back for rent so you do not have to do a thing!! You may also "Lock" the Ad Board if you wish to reserve it for someone in particular or you decide it's not ready for rent.

Setting the Rental Price
  1. Rez the Ad Board and grant it Debit Permissions
  2. Right click the AD Board and choose "Edit" to open the build window
  3. Under the "General" tab you may rename the AD Board if you choose
  4. Set the price per week in the description field under the name
* Notes *
  • The rental price is per week only and will list payment options in 1, 2, 3, and 4 week increments.
  • You must click the Ad Board and choose "Reset" from the menu for the changes to take affect (see below)
Editing the * Rental Info * (optional)
  1. While editing the Ad Board, navigate to the "Content" tab
  2. Modify the * Rental Info * notecard to explain your rules/regulations (You can remove the notecard if you choose not to give anything)
Notecard: * Rental Info *
  • Advertise your services here!! only 50$L per week to rent this ad space. Just right click and choose pay. You can pay for 1 week all the way up to 4 weeks. Once rented its yours for that time period and there are NO refunds. You may not advertise any yard sales or porn of any kind, everything else is fine. After you make your rental payment, the AD Board will tell you how to add your textures, Landmarks, Note Cards, and Objects. After you have added all of your items and the AD Board has confirmed that it has received all of them, touch the board to start your AD. You do not need to add all types of items, but you must add at least one ad texture to display. If you do not add any other items, the board will tell interested avatars to IM you directly regarding your AD.
  • 1 Week = 50$L
  • 2 Weeks = 100$L
  • 3 Weeks = 150$L
  • 4 Weeks= 200$L
  • Thanks for your business
  • Owner/CEO
  • Lastat Daxter
  • Lastat Productions
Owner Menu
  1. If you click the Ad Board while it is NOT rented by someone, you may choose one of the following options:
    • "Test" = Gives you the * Rental Info * notecard if it exists in contents
    • "Update" = Checks for updates
    • "Reset" = Reset the script
    • "Lock" = Locks anyone from renting
  2. If you click the Ad Board while it IS rented by someone, you may choose one of the following options:
    • "Test" = Gives you thier items
    • "Update" = Check for updates
    • "Reset" = Reset the script
    • "Terminate" = Terminates the renters rental with no refund and resets the AD Board
Renting and Adding Items
  1. Pay the Ad Board to rent the board
  2. Once prompted in chat, hold the ctrl key and drag items from your inventory onto the board
  3. When all items are added, and the AD Board has confirmed that they where received, touch the board
* Notes *
  • You may add up to 12 of each of the following: landmarks, objects, notecards and textures.
  • If you add multiple textures, the Ad Board will cycle through them every minute.
  • You MUST include at least one texture within 5 minutes of renting the Ad Board. Failing to do so will result in the rental being terminated and the user will be issued a refund.
Renter Menu
  1. Click the Ad Board while rented for the renter menu
  2. The menu text will display the days remaining during the current rental as well as the board's total click count
  3. You may choose one of the following options:
    • "Terminate" = Terminates rental and sets board open for next renter
    • "Test" = Gives you items other avatars receive when they click the AD Board
    • "Add" = Allows you to add more items to the AD Board
    • "Remove" = Allows you to remove items via dialog menu
    • "Rest" = (owner only) Reset the script
    • "Update" = (owner only) Check for updates
Unlock (owner only)
  1. If you have locked the AD Board, you may choose one of the following
    • "Unlock" = Unlock the AD Board and make it available to rent
    • "Reset" = Reset the Script
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